Ed Bedrick, PhD

Associate Director Professor of Biostatistics Bayesian Statistics, Statistical Theory & Methods, Study Design

Dean Billheimer, PhD

Director Professor of Biostatistics Bayesian Statistics, Study Design, Compositional Data Analysis

Julia Fisher, PhD

Assistant Research Professor Medical Imaging, fMRI, General Statistical Consulting

Shannon Gutenkunst, PhD

Statistician Missing Data, Astrophysics, Environmental Health, General Consulting

Brian Hallmark, PhD

Assistant Research Professor Statistical Genetics, High-Performance Computing, Implementation of Complex Bioinformatics Pipelines

Bonnie LaFleur, PhD

Research Professor of Biostatistics Precision Medicine, Observational Study Design, Genomic & Clinical Biomarkers

Jacob Maibach, MS

Statistician Measurement & Psychometrics, Data Management, Machine Learning

Sayeh Peterson, MS

Statistician Causal Inference, Maintaining Databases, SEM, General Consulting

Brooke Rabe, PhD

Statistician Missing Data, Clinical Trials, General Consulting

Janet Rothers, PhD

Director of Operations, Clinical Associate Professor Epidemiology, General Consulting

Maria Sans-Fuentes, PhD

Statistician Environmental Risk Analysis, Biology, General Consulting

Lisa White, MS

Biostatistician Data Visualization and Dashboards, Cell/Molecular Biology, Genomic and Clinical Biomarkers