The Statistics Laboratory at the BIO5 Institute (Stat Lab)

The mission of the Stat Lab is to collaborate with scientists and physicians across UA to further scientific discovery. The Stat Lab partners with you, offering the following areas of expertise:

  • Statistical Advice & Expertise - defining study objectives and outcome measures; providing analysis advice
  • Design of Experiments & Observational Studies - statistically efficient, meeting practical constraints
  • Data Analysis & Interpretation of Results - modern data analysis methods, graphical data visualization
  • Bioinformatics Analysis - modern methods for analysis for high-dimensional genomics and proteomics data
  • Grant Preparation - experience with Program Project, Center, and Research (R/U) grants with NIH, along with DoD and PCORI grants
  • Manuscript Submission - Stat Lab statisticians have co-authored over 100 peer-reviewed manuscripts
  • New Statistical Methods - development of new techniques to address unique research questions
  • Network of Specialized Statistical Experts - colleagues with other UA statisticians with specialized expertise

To make an appointment contact:

Janet Rothers, PhD

Director of Operations

Stat Lab, BIO5