Maria Sans-Fuentes, PhD

Environmental Risk Analysis, Biology, General Consulting
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Maria A. Sans-Fuentes, PhD, is a Statistician at the University of Arizona Statistics Consulting Lab (Stat Lab). Her expertise is across a broad range of statistical methodologies mainly applied to biological and health sciences, and it includes univariate and multivariate analysis, regression analysis, multifactorial analysis, machine learning, and risk analysis. She also has experience on project design and management, data analysis and interpretation, and dissemination of results. Being actively involved in research and conducting data analysis since 1997, her work has spanned different areas of science including hypertension, obesity, sleep, water policy, zoology, evolution, and health risk analysis. Additionally, she has received several professional awards and fellowships, including the Doctoral European Mention by the University of Barcelona, and the Post-Doctoral Study Award by the Fulbright Foundation.


  • MS Pharmaceutical Sciences (Physiology), University of Barcelona, Spain
  • PhD Biology, University of Barcelona, Spain
  • MS Statistics, University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ