Description of Statistics Lab Fees

There are two options for obtaining statistics support:

  • % FTE (% of a Full-Time Employee) for ongoing, long-term grants or departmental support requiring a variety of services.
    • % of the salary and benefits of the assigned statistician.


  • Hourly Rates for short-term projects requiring specific services within a limited time frame.
    • $125 per hour for University departments and affiliates.
    • Negotiated rates for non-affiliated organizations, depending on scope of work, plus travel costs, if incurred.


You might be wondering ...?

  • Why would I use the Stat Lab instead of hiring my own statistician?
    • Rather than relying on a single person’s education and background, you would have access to a range of levels (MS / junior toPhD? / senior level statisticians), as well as taking advantage of the wide array of expertise within the Stat Lab collaborative pool of colleagues.
    • Stat Lab statisticians are mentored by senior faculty, providing a depth of shared experience that cannot be found in a single individual.
    • You avoid the management responsibility and facilities expense associated with a “regular” employee, while having the flexibility to obtain part-time or short-term support as needed.
    • You can control the specific costs associated with a project or grant.
    • You can secure intellectual collaboration on short notice, without undergoing a time-consuming hiring process.
    • The Stat Lab works with you to help structure your research and analyses. As a collaborative partner, the Stat Lab can assist you in preparing grant proposals, designing studies, analyzing their results – all the way through to helping you write manuscripts, reports to funding agencies, and presentations of findings.


  • What do the hourly rates include?
    • Support for staff salaries and benefits.
    • Support for the Stat Lab infrastructure.
    • Built-in “capacity” to respond to and collaborate on new projects as they arise.


  • Do I have to pay the Stat Lab if I just have a quick question?
    • No. We are happy to share our expertise with the University community by addressing quick biostatistical questions or providing short consultations at no charge.
    • If the question isn’t really “quick” and requires in-depth analysis or treatment, then we will work with you to structure a longer term collaboration.


  • How do I incorporate Stat Lab statisticians into my research team?
    • Contact Juli Riemenschneider Program Coordinator: phone (520) 626-2770 or jriemen@arizona.edu
    • We will set up an initial meeting to discuss your project.
    • Note: There are no charges for the initial meeting(s).