Completed Projects



  1. Improving the Diagnostic Process for Families of Children with DBMD - Dr. Chris Cunniff
  2. TESAOD Inflammatory Biomarkers of COPD - Dr. Stefano Guerra
  3. GI SPORE - Dr. Bonnie LaFleur
  4. Statistical Methods for Protein Analysis - Dr. Daniel Liebler
  5. Genotyping for Arsenic Sensitivity - Dr. Walter Klimecki
  6. Proteomic Signatures of an Early Life Asthma-Protective Exposure - Dr. Serrine Lau
  7. NALFD - Microarray Data - Dr. Nathan Cherrington
  8. Team Approach to Translate Novel Biomarkers for Diabetes - Dr. Randall Nelson
  9. Population-Based Proteomic Investigation of Type II Diabetes Melitus - Dr. Randall Nelson
  10. Enhancing Current Capacity for Surveillance of Autism Spectrum Disorders & Other Developmental Disabilities - Dr. Chris Cunniff
  11. Gene-by-Gene Interactions and Lung Fluid Balance in Patients with Heart Failure - Dr. Eric Snyder
  12. Epigentic Predictors of Asthma in Neonates - Dr. Donata Vercelli
  13. Pediatric Advers Drug Reactions in NASH - Dr. Nathan Cherrington
  14. Validation of Serum Biomarker Signatures Predictive of Incident COPD - Dr. Stefan Guerra
  15. Arizona Muscular Dystrophy Surveillance and Research Tracking Network - Dr. Chris Cunniff
  16. Tobacco Cessation Training for Accupuncture, Massage, and Chiropractic Practition - Dr. Myra Muramoto
  17. Occupational Medicine Activities and Skills: An Empiric Study - Dr. Philip Harber
  18. Social Support Scale Developemnt for Persons with Serious Mental Illness - Development of SMI Measure - Dr. Chih-Chin Chou
  19. Relating Diesel Exhaust Exposure to Respiratory and Immune Outcomes in Early Life - Dr. Paloma Beamer
  20. Childhood Predictors of Airway Structure, Function, and Disease in Adult Life - Dr. Fernando Martinez
  21. Misdiagnosis of Speech, Sound Disorders in Latino Children - Dr. Leah Fabiano-Smith
  22. Large-Scale Discovery of Mechanistic and Predictive Biomarkers in Pheotypically Distinct Groups of Patients with Heart Failure and Preserved Ejection Fraction (HFpEF) - Dr. Nancy Sweitzer