The Stat Lab Library is a virtual library, as this is merely a list of books housed within the department:

  1. Analysis of Longitudinal Data - Peter J. Diggle, Kung-Yee Liang, Scott L. Zeger
  2. Analysis of Multivariate Survival Data - Philip Hougaard
  3. Bayesian Biostatistics and Diagnostic Medicine - Lyle Broemeling
  4. Bayesian Data Analysis - Andrew Gelman
  5. Bayesian Methods for Measures of Agreement - Lyle Broemeling
  6. Bayesian Reliability - Michael S. Hamada
  7. Case-Control Studies: Design, Conduct, Analysis - James J. Schlesselman
  8. Complex Surveys: A Guide to Analysis Using R - Thomas Lumley
  9. Cross-Over Trials in Clinical Research - Stephen Senn
  10. Data Manipulation with R - Phil Spector
  11. Design of Observational Studies - Paul R. Rosenbaum
  12. DNA Microarrays and Related Genomics Techniques - DB Allison, GP Page, TM Beasley, JD Edwards
  13. Dynamic Documents with R and knitr - Yihui Xie
  14. Extending the Linear Model with R: Geralized Linear, Mixed Effects and Nonparametric Regression Models - Julian J. Faraway
  15. Gene Expression Studies Using Affymetrix Microarrays - Hinrich Göhlmann, Willem Talloen
  16. Graphical Analysis with R - Anthony Unwin
  17. Handbook of Statistical Genetics: 3rd Edition - D.J. Balding, M. Bishop, C. Cannings
  18. iGenetics: A Molecular Approach (3rd Ed.) - Peter J. Russell
  19. iGenetics: A Molecular Approach, Study Guide and Solutions Manual (3rd Ed.) - Peter J. Russell, Bruce Chase
  20. Introduction to Multivariate Statistical Analysis in Chemometrics - Kurt Varmuza & Peter Filzmoser
  21. Introductory Statistics – R Peter Dalagaard
  22. Intuitive Biostatistics: A Nonmathematical Guide to Statistical Thinking - Harvey Motulsky
  23. Lattice: Multivariate Data Visualization - R Deepayan Sarkar
  24. Life: The Science of Biology: 8th Ed., Vol. 1 - Sadava, Heller, Orians, Purves, Hillis
  25. Mathematical and Statistical Methods for Genetic Analysis - Kenneth Lange
  26. Measurement, Regression, and Calibration - Philip J. Brown
  27. Measuring Statistical Evidence Using Relative Belief        - Michael Evans
  28. Mixed-Effects Models in S and S-Plus - Jose Pinheiro & Douglas Bates
  29. Modeling in Medical Decision Making: A Bayesian Approach - Giovanni Parmigiani
  30. Models for Repeated Measurements - JK Lindsey
  31. Modern Epidemiology - Kenneth J. Rothman
  32. Molecular Biology of the Gene: 5th Ed. - JD Watson, TA Baker, SP Bell, A Gann, M Levine, R Losick
  33. Molecular Evolution and Phylogenetics - Masatoshi Nei, Sudhir Kumar
  34. R Programming for Bioinformatics - Robert Gentleman
  35. R Through Excel; A Spreadsheet Interface for Statistics, Data Analysis, and Graphics - Richard M. Heiberger & Erich Neuwirth
  36. Regression Modeling Strategies - Frank E. Harrell, Jr.
  37. ROC Curves for Continuous Data - Wojtek Krzanowski, David Hand
  38. Sampling (CourseSmart) - Steven K. Thompson
  39. Statistical Consulting: A Guide to Effective Communication - Janice Derr
  40. Statistical Methods in Molecular Evolution - Rasmus Nielsen
  41. Statistical Rules of Thumb - Gerald van Belle
  42. The Statistical Analysis of Composisitional Data - J. Aitchison
  43. The Statistical Analysis of Experimental Data  - John Mandel
  44. The Statistical Evaluation of Medical Tests for Classification and Prediction - Margaret Sullivan Pepe
  45. Wiki for Dummies - Dan Woods, Peter Thoeny
  46. Wiki: Web Collaboration - Anja Ebersbach, Markus Glaser & Richard Heigl