John Bear's R Checklist A compilation of R textbooks, manuals, help commands, FAQ, etc. John  
Producing Simple Graphs with R Useful tutorial on R graphics    
HowToUseRInsideEmacs How to use R inside emacs    
InstallingRPackages Overcoming difficulties installing R packages    
R: R with R Commander Basic instructions for R Commander by Dr. Murray Logan of Monash University.    
RThroughExcel The steps to install R Through Excel    
UseRThroughExcel Some hints on using R Through Excel after installing it.  


Reproducible Research (Tex, LaTeX, Sweave, knitr, and OrgMode)
Link Description Who When
Tex and Latex Info on downloading Tex/Latex for Mac OS X.    
BibTex Tutorial Excellent BibTex tutorial by Piet van Oostrum    
SweaveCombinesRandLatex How to use Sweave to combine LaTeX and R for creating a literate programming audit trail. John  
ShripadOrgMode Shripad's tutorial on using org file to reproduce an analysis. Shripad  
StatWeave Combines NeoOffice and R to produce documents in the style of Microsoft Word. John  
Link Description Who When
Git Parable Read this to understand the philosophy behind Git. John  
Link Description Who When
DotEmacs Useful things to put into a .emacs file John  
EmacsFont How to set font sizes in Aquamacs Emacs John  
Link Description Who When
SeaMonkey SeaMonkey is a handy browser and useful for email, and web composing. John  
UncompressingFiles Commands for uncompressing gzip, bzip2, and tar files. Isaac 03/19/2013